About David Brooky

Photo of David Brookly from Excelsior Residential

Where did it all start for me?

I began my building apprenticeship in Tauranga in 2005. After one year I decided to continue my apprenticeship in Hamilton with Dad’s new building company,Excelsior Residential Ltd. I finished my apprenticeship in 2010. I’m grateful that Dad encouraged me to complete my apprenticeship to a high standard.

What exciting projects have I worked on?

Since joining Excelsior, I have enjoyed working on many small to large scale projects including:

  • New residential homes
  • Additions/alterations
  • Straw bale construction
  • A home built over 3m-deep water in the lagoon of the Tahitian island Bora Bora
  • And (what many would believe to be a dream job) an office block for a brewery in Samoa.

As a builder I enjoy working on a wide range of projects. I especially enjoy building challenging, unique plans that require thinking and problem solving. I love being inspired by new ideas from plans to finishing details and am always keen to express my thoughts.

Photo of David Brookly while traveling

My love for details and travel...

During my spare time I enjoy making furniture out of recycled timber which helps me with my finishing skills. I love playing sports whether it be squash, cricket or getting out on the golf course. My wife and I also share a love of travel. We have travelled through Italy together and won a charity amazing race through Vietnam,Cambodia and Thailand. Recently we completed a trip which took us through Melbourne, Dubai, New York,and on to the North of Mexico where we travelled by land down to Panama.

Photo of eco-friendly house being built

I care about the environment

During our recent Central America trip, a highlight was doing volunteer work for a month in Guatemala. We built a school out of trash and recycled materials. This changed my perception of what we consider to be ‘waste’ on a building site. As a building company, it has become our passion to be educated about how we can reduce our impact on the planet.

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