About Peter Brooky

Photo of Peter Brookly from Excelsior Residential

In the Beginning

Born in Taranaki and raised on sheep and cattle stations in the King Country was an exciting adventure-filled childhood that I am eternally grateful for. Working hard on the farm provided lifelong values that have proved invaluable to this day such as responsibility, respect, honesty and good work ethic

Why did I choose Building?

I was drawn to the building industry because it was similar to farming. I enjoyed the physical, challenging and creative outdoor work. It’s satisfying to take a person’s vision and turn it into their dream home. In 1974 I began my 4 year Carpentry apprenticeship. Now 37 years on I find myself still deeply embedded and enjoying the challenges of running my own building company, Excelsior Residential Ltd.

Photo of a house being constructed by Excelsior Residential.

So what on earth have I done with all those years?

I spent six years labour only contracting for Waikato Lockwood. I was then lucky enough to be promoted to Building Supervisor and then Project Manager for 16 years. I spent two years of this time as Export Project Manager where I sold, exported and managed the building process into the islands of Tahiti and New Caledonia. I continued to build residential homes for five years as a sole trader out on my own. Today, I am well into my ninth year trading as Excelsior Residential Ltd.

Photo of a kitchen built by Excelsior Residential.

What exciting projects have I worked on?

  • Conventional framed homes
  • Solid timber homes
  • Straw bale construction
  • One solid timber home built out over the beautiful blue lagoon waters of Bora Bora
  • A building on the Tahitian group of islands…a site this unique I doubt I’ll ever get to build on again!
Working on a range of construction brings with it a range of skill sets that have developed me into a well-rounded tradesman. My years of project management have proved invaluable to me now running my own company. I realise the importance of communication to ensure the building process is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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